Hi there, and welcome to Bird of Virtue, a small design studio quietly nestled in the San Francisco Bay area. My name is Linnea, and I create thought-provoking, intricately detailed, handcrafted accessories for men and women.

I believe that jewelry shouldn't overpower a person, but rather, should complement your natural confidence and style. My designs are modern, yet delicate, elegant with an edge and a point of view, and timely without being trendy. I make things that I would want to wear out and about to an urban picnic on a gorgeous day, to a fabulous party, or to an important work meeting where I want to make an impression.

You can see different aspects of my personality in my work—fresh, funky, chic, quiet. Lately, I've been drawn to the variations and warmth of high-quality hardwoods. In addition to using natural woods, my designs feature playful, hand-painted splashes of color—my nod to pop culture and the fun, lighthearted fashion moment we're living in. 

Conceptually, I also draw inspiration from the architecture of geometry and music. Being a musician, I'm fascinated with the mathematical components of music and the patterns that make us feel something when we hear a melody. This fascination with the mathematical, the patterned, and the organic is evident in many of my creations.