Hi there, and welcome to Bird of Virtue, a small design studio nestled in the San Francisco Bay area. My name is Linnea Oliver, and I'm the designer/artist/maker/ladyboss running the show.

Much of my work is inspired by geometric elements found in my everyday life – in architecture, nature, travel, the urban landscape. I grew up near Chicago – a city full of fabulous architecture – and in a family of makers and craftsman, and would be hard pressed to say that hasn't influenced my design sensibility. Throughout my work, you'll see references to the Mid-Century + Scandinavian aesthetic I was brought up to know + love. My personal style has always been one of simplicity, and I believe that jewelry shouldn’t overpower a person, but rather, should complement one’s natural confidence and style. This is what I strive for with every one of my designs. 

While I'm a California girl now, I'm still tied to my Midwestern roots + am proud to say the solid hardwoods I use in my pieces are sourced from USA forests – Minnesota + Wisconsin to be exact. When I started Bird of Virtue in 2012, I worked only in wood, however started incorporating acrylic into my work sometime in 2016 – it all began with the mixed-material Osa Necklace – and from there, well, the rest is history. My newest collection, Nordiska, reflects the simple + quiet elegance of Scandinavia – a place near + dear to my heart.

Bird of Virtue’s current collection includes earrings, necklaces, Braille necklaces, bracelets, tie bars + cuff links – finished on handcrafted sterling silver + gold-filled metals.