Detail shot of rectangle stud earring on light-skinned blond model's ear. The earring is square shaped with two semi-circles, touching at the curved sides, engraved on the piece.
Assortment of colorful, square stud earrings with semicircles engraved on them. Displayed on white Bird of Virtue cards against a white background. Colors are silver, moss, gold, leaf, poppy, midnight, dogwood, rouge, sky blue

Ava Stud

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Modern geometric studs for the loveliest of lobes!

· modern, laser engraved solid wooden studs, measure 11mm
· made of strong, USA-grown cherry + walnut woods with a unique, slightly weathered paint effect on the fronts
· arrive packaged on thick, bright white Bird of Virtue card with care instructions printed on the back
· surgical steel posts with soft, clear rubber grips - a great hypo-allergenic earring for most!
· varnished to protect though please do not wear in water